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Dr Robert L. Prioleau, Sr & Elect Lady Laura E. Prioleau

Got Love? Want Some?

 Well, you found it !!!     

The True Vine Fellowship Ministries was founded in 1999, by Pastor Dr. Robert and Elect Lady Laura Prioleau.

God strategically placed Dr. Prioleau and his family in Twenty-nine Palms, Ca by way of the United States Marine Corps, where he served 20 years honorably.

God has anointed and appointed Dr. Prioleau and his wife for this region, and every surrounding city, to reach the lost. Our goal at The True Vine Fellowship Ministries is to bring restoration and empowerment to the body of Christ, through holiness and the preaching of God’s word. God has touched the hearts of various organizations in the community which has enabled them to bring personal and spiritual growth to the people in this region.  

The authority and government of this church is invested in the pastors and assisted by the Board of Trustees. It is subject to control of no other ecclesiastical body. We believe in the Trinity: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.    

The purpose of this organization shall be the preaching and teaching of the Word of God, the administration of the ordinances of the Old and New Testament, the spiritual growth of the church, the ministering to its own community, and the spread of the Gospel in all the earth.                             

The True Vine Fellowship Ministries

One Church In Two Locations:

71669 Twenty-nine Palms Hwy

Twenty-nine Palms, CA 92277


MCAGCC Protestant Chapel

Twenty-nine Palms, CA 92278

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